GROUP I - Super-Yield Off-Grid PV Solar Power Plants: 1kVA to 100kVA
Super Yield Roof-top / Terrace PV Solar Power Plants; 1kVA to 10kVA  
Super Yield Terrace/ Backyard PV Solar Power Plants; 12kVA to 100kVA  

GROUP II - High Efficiency Off-Grid Sine-wave Hybrid Inverters
SUNFED High Efficiency Sine-wave Hybrid Inverters; 1kVA to 10kVA  
SUNFED High Efficiency 3-phase Sine-wave Inverters; 15kVA to 100kVA  

GROUP III - Low Cost High Quality Rural Home 'Solarpot' to light-up India
SUNGRACE 40Wp Rural Home Solar System: Low Cost High Quality  
SUNGRACE 25Wp Rural Home Solar System: Low Cost High Quality  

GROUP IV - MITRAMAX IEC Technology based PV Solar Products
LEECH High Voltage PV Modules with embedded Intelligent Energy Control  
SOLASMART-250: Ideal N+1 PV Solar Battery Chargers for Telecom Towers  
FREECHARGE - 80Wp Portable Solar Battery Charger  
PORTALINE Solar Power Source: Portable 200W/230V AC Power for field use  
PV SOLAR CONVERTERS for 300W to 2kW Conventional Home Inverters  
Source Priority Controller - Converts Any UPS to Solar Power System  
IP65 Junction boxes for outdoor use with or without DC Energy Meter  
SUN Simulators - Inspection Source for PV Modules up to 300Wp  
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