Product Group III - Low Cost Home Solar Systems

INTRODUCTION : Lighting Rural Homes as our social responsibility
According to government report 40% of the Indians do not have no light in their life; the grid power has not reached their villages and bustis. Therefore the first priority of MITRAMAX ENERGY is to create a perfect solution for these homes.
We found that because of subsidy most unscrupulous Home Solar suppliers palm off cheap and unreliable products to rural people who do not understand technology. The subsidy is shared by the supplier and the government babu.
We therefore engineered a very high quality long life product, Sungrace25, that is simple to install and to use by the buyer. We ensure that all essential need for light necessary for him are met. And we have priced it with at our cost as our social responsibility.
In addition we have given away hundreds of them through an NGO who follows up the families of the lighted homes for social and economic changes.
For us the results are amazingly, comfort, more income, education

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