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SOLA380 - PV Solar Source for 380V DC BUS
High efficiency PV Solar Panel with embedded MPPT and DC/DC Booster to feed 380V DC power distribution system.
MITRAMAX ENERGY is pleased to Introduce SOLA380 which a Photo Voltaic Panel which acts as a peak current source to feed maximum peak energy to feed 380V dc power distribution system.

SBC250 - PV Solar Module Battery Chargers
MPPT Embedded Solar Battery-Bank Charger for any Battery from 12V DC to 360V DC.

SOLASMART 250 - Ideal N+1 PV Solar Battery Chargers for Telecom Towers
250W PV Solar Telecom Battery Chargers / Eliminators use the new revolutionary MitraMax integrated PV Solar power module, It is designed to harvest maximum energy from SUN LIGHT and deliver it as regulated DC source of 48V DC. This helps Telecom Service providers to go clean and green eliminating dependence on commercial line power or avoid the noisy and smoky DG sets.

LEECH Super Yield PV Modules with Embedded Intelligent Energy Control
Photo Voltaic Modules with built-in HV MPPT Energy Maximizer
MITRAMAX LEECH Super Yield PV Module offers a unique smart solution to increase the energy output of any Solar Array by as much as 20%. These modules have embedded intelligent energy processor to deliver stable high voltage peak energy output with voltages upto 400V DC. Solar Arrays built with LEECH modules do not need module matching and modules of all types are connected to form all parallel array with assured yield of higher energy. LEECH Super Yield PV Modules from MITRAMAX are TüV Rhineland approved and produced in a fully automated factory located in SEZ in India for 100% export. They are available for various battery bank voltages such as 48V, 72V, 96V, 144V, 192V, 360V.

FREECHARGE - 80Wp Portable Solar Battery Chargers
FREECHARGE Solar Battery Chargers are designed to use free and omnipresent solar energy to charge large 12V Lead-acid batteries. Compact and easily potable 80Wp FREECHARGE Lead Acid Battery Chargers use two folded 40Wp Solar Modules to protect them in transit. IEC, MPPT Controller, embedded in the modules offer Triple Mode Charging for long battery life. This smart charger is ideal for use in automobiles, battery vehicles, golf carts, yachts, boats etc. FREECHARGE are also available in higher power rating of 180Wp and 240Wp rating.

Source Priority Controller - Converts Any UPS to Solar Power System
Mitramax Source Priority Controller is a unique product. It helps you convert any UPS System into a Solar Power System just with an addition of PV Solar Modules with built-in Energy Maximiser, IEC, in conjunction with Solar Priority Controller, SPC. SPC helps to deliver power generated by the solar panel as the primary source of the power to any UPS of 1 to 5kVA rating.

IP65 Junction boxes for outdoor use with or without DC Energy Meter
Bus bar Junction Box, BJB, is designed to be used with All Parallel Solar Array to allow outputs of several Smart HV PV Modules (with built-in MPPT & voltage booster) to be hooked in parallel. Each Smart HV PV Module delivers its MPPT controlled peak energy at high voltage into this ‘bus bar’ Junction Box.

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