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Indo-German Venture
MITRAMAX Energy is an Indo-German joint venture company created in 2009. Operation is based in Mumbai India and Munich, Germany. German Group is a technology partner and markets company products in European and other markets. MITRAMAX Founder, Mr. P. S. Deodhar, is a well known scientist and technocrat of international reputation. He has been Technology Advisor to Rajiv Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India in the 1980s.
Patented Technology
MITRAMAX began its operation in early 2009 after Mr. Deodhar invented innovative technology to harvest 10% to 20% more solar energy from any conventional Photo Voltaic Panel than the conventional Solar Panel/module. He received for it the "Innovation Patent" from Australia. Invention, Intelligent Energy Controller, IEC, is designed to performs Maximum Peak Power Tracking, MPPT, within the PV Module and boosts its Peak Energy DC Output to directly transfer this energy to any battery bank from 12V DC to 400V DC. IEC has conversion efficiency of over 97% and is encased in IP65 pack that works from -10ºC to +85ºC using MPPT algorithm.
MITRAMAX™ offers a comprehensive range of solutions to solar system architects and system integrators with LEECH HV PV Modules with factory embedded IEC making it a Super Harvester of Solar Energy. All Parallel Array of LEECH HV PV Modules yield by as much as 20% more solar enrgy than a conventional PV Module in the market. Matching IP65 Junctions Boxes are also offered for its All Parallel Array architecture solutions.
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